About Connie

I live in Saratoga Springs with my husband Mike Woytowich and our four daughters, who attend Division Street Elementary School, Maple Avenue Middle School, and Saratoga Springs High School. I am a New York State Master Teacher (Chemistry and Genetics) at Colonie Central High School, my alma mater, and you can view my resume by clicking HERE. My husband is from Malone and owns and operates Albany ITG, a custom software development company and certified MBE/DBE. Thirteen years ago, we decided to settle in Saratoga to raise our family as it is located in between Mike's hometown and mine. We informed our decision of school district choice by researching and analyzing district report cards, property and school tax data, as well as crime statistics. Ultimately, Saratoga Springs won out as to where we planted our roots to raise our children.

In addition to being a lifelong learner with urban, rural, and suburban teaching and leadership experience at the K-12 level, I also have a long history of volunteerism in Saratoga Springs. My extensive network in the educational community in the Capital Region and state are a result of my selection and work as a New York State Master Teacher, former PTA President at Division Street School, and former Camp Invention Director. I am also the co-chair of Saratoga Works, a dedicated group of individuals from multiple political parties and diverse backgrounds who care about our city and its future.

In 2017, I created and registered the trademark that you see here, which represents my philosophy of learning and life:

  • LEARNING - Learning should be at the heart of every decision and the focus of planning and implementation. Moreover, reflecting on the lessons learned is essential for taking the next step.

  • ORDER - Organization, structure, boundaries and routine help to facilitate learning and require respectful communication and collaboration.

  • VICTORY - Sometimes you will win. Sometimes you will lose. Celebrate and reflect on them both, for they often bear unexpected gifts. Win or lose, you must move on to the next thing!

  • ENTHUSIASM - Show up with a positive attitude and let others know that you are eager to work with them. Be lively but graceful, and confident but kind.

Do everything with L.O.V.E. in mind!

Like many parents across the district, I am looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year with a full-time, in-person educational experience for our children that fosters a healthy routine, puts learning at the center of every decision, and highlights the need for community, mental health awareness, respect for others, a safe learning environment, and a sense of love and belonging. Thank you for the time you took to read this page. I would appreciate your support on May 18th. I do have a Facebook Page for my campaign, and you can read about my stance on relevant educational issues and how to contact me on this site as well!